I drove by a CVS in Westlake, and loved the bright bold colors I saw on the back of the building. I stopped for a while to get a few shots, and then moved on to my next destination. The brand new Fire-EMS station in Westlake, TX. I visited the station a week before it's grand opening. It just so happened the architectural company (BRW Architects) was on site doing some finishing touches, and I was able to get a quick tour.

The 18,000-square foot building houses six vehicles: three front line and three reserve. Each of the stones is hand-picked, and the stacking of the stone from largest to smallest is intentional. It was also important for the station to have the most time efficient layout possible. The four-fold doors are optimized to be the fastest, opening in less than seven seconds. Each fire truck has it's own special hose that carries away potentially hazardous materials. This station is extremely impressive and the city of Westlake has another addition to It's beautiful architectural focused community.
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